Sunday, August 2, 2009

Meet Peter Sohn, Director of Pixar's " Partly Cloudy "

Peter Sohn - above and below - is the director of Pixar's Partly Cloudy, this wonderful short movie released wih Up!. He's here at Pixar Animation Studios during the making of Partly Cloudy.

Animator at Pixar Animation Studios, he worked on Finding Nemo as story artist. On the Incredibles he was animator, story artist and did additional voices. On Ratatouille he was also animator and the voice of Emile. Before his Pixar career he worked on the Iron Giant and Osmosis Jones. And in UP! Russell, the Asian-American character, looks somewhat similar to Peter Sohn, who has a Korean surname.

Pixar also released these two Partly Cloudy preliminary sketches of the storks flying and of Gus and Peck.

Pictures: copyright Disney-Pixar

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