Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tokyo Disneyland Attraction Posters

Christmas evening is tomorrow night and i have a great Christmas gift for you with 30 Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea attraction posters. TDL and TDS attraction posters are hard to find and i can't thanks enough Len, a faithful Disney and more reader, who sent them to me. Actually, these were included in the Disney Resort Story magazine, a magazine which had 30 issues only during 2003-2004, on a monthly basis. The magazine is no longer published as it was strictly a 30-issue run. The magazine covered both the Japanese and American parks and included in each issue mini acetate TDL or TDS attraction posters. I will also post later this week the covers of each issue. Some of the attraction posters have a design similar to the ones at DL or WDW but some are uniques to Tokyo Disneyland. And the ones done by WDI for Tokyo DisneySea are of course all uniques to TDS.

Today, i post the attraction posters of Tokyo Disneyland and i'll post tomorrow the ones of Tokyo Disney Sea. I'm sure you will enjoy these rare TDL and TDS attraction posters and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!

Editing: the part two with Tokyo Disney Sea attraction posters is on line HERE.

All pictures: copyright Disney , Oriental Land 

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