Thursday, December 25, 2014

Tokyo DisneySea Attraction Posters

Here is the second part of my D&M  Christmas gift and today you'll find below the Tokyo Disney Sea attraction posters that were included inside the Disney resort Story magazine issues when it was published during 2003-2004, on a monthly basis. if you've missed the ones posted yesterday about Tokyo Disneyland you'll find them HERE. Again, all my thanks to Len, faithful Disney and more readers who kindly sent me these TDL and TDS attraction posters. The first part with Tokyo disneyland attraction posters is HERE.

I'm sure you'll all enjoy these rare TDL and TDS attraction posters and wish you all a Merry Christmas tonight!

I'm adding this other TDS poster for the steamer boat sailing on TDS rivers. This poster was not included in the Tokyo Disney Magazine but it looks great anyway.

All pictures: copyright Disney , Oriental Land 

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