Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Disneyland Paris that never was - Part four

Here is the awaited fourth part of this “Disneyland Paris that never was“ article, in tribute to this wonderful park. And this one should make happy the voters of my Disney and more poll - the one you can find at the bottom of each page - who like the never realised projects. If you didn't vote yet, it's still time to do it!

So,let’s go outside the park today, to have a look to what was formerly known as the “festival disney “ ( now “disney village” ) . On our way, let’s stop a minute. Some miceage reader once asked me if there were a big fountain project for DLP - i mean : a big one like the one in epcot, for instance. Well, it’s true that there is not big fountain in DLP , unfortunately, but the imagineers did think about having one as you can see below.

The entrance of the WDS are up front, the magic kingdom is on the left and the disney village on the right. The concept with the sorcerer’s hat was okay, but i must say the dimensions were by far too big. But a medium size fountain concept will be welcome.

This rendering show the entrance of the disney village the metallic tower were done, but not the guitar or the hat theming.

More regrets, however , for this incredible restaurant concept....

And the hotels, you say? Oh yes, i’ve promised you last time some incredible hotels-that-never-were-concept, right? Here they are. First you have to know that some of the most reknown architect in the world were asked to propose different hotel concepts, around a central theme for all the hotels who was: America.
Some weeks later , they all came back with different proposals : For austrian architect Hans Hollein, Amercica meant “war” , so he proposed an hotel with the shape of an aircraft carrier as you can see below.

Jean Nouvel, a great french architect proposed an all-transparent hotel.

Architect Ron Koolhass concept was pretty modern, too.

Robert Venturi did propose too, another original concept , a tribute to “Fantasia”.

But my favorite is the Bernard Tschumi proposal with this unique concept with an inside marina. All of these projects were not developped, and, frankly, if the central theme was “America” , the hotels that were finally built were obviously a better choice.

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All photos and artwork: copyright Disney

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