Friday, July 10, 2009

EPCOT 25TH ANNIVERSARY - a special celebration - Communicore Original Artwork

In tribute to Epcot 25th celebration, here is the part three of a series of articles about the original artwork.
In this part three we will have a closer look to the original renderings for the Communicore area. As always, click on each picture to see them in big size.

Communicore? Yes, for those of you who were too young to knew it, this is how was called the area where stands now "Innoventions". And, of course, it was a totally different concept.

The main entrance to Communicore was when you exit Spaceship Earth, here is above the first concept artwork.

Here is another great one. I don't remember the final result looking like this , but i may be wrong.

Two other rendering for the "inside"

And this one below show what was called the Communicore Forum. Last time i walk through Communicore was in the early 1990's, so i must admit that i don't remember it very well. In fact, i don't remember this Communicore Forum, but may be some of you do.

Here is another artwork, obviously showing an area where guests could experiment....but what? I feel really embarassed to don't be able to give you more details , but any of you who can, please let us know in the "comments"

Some of you who really like the previous Living Seas original artwork , and amazed to see most of the renderings for the first time asked me where did i get them.
Well, here is the whole and real story.
All the artwork you can see is coming from slides that were released to me by WDW photo library. I was invited for WDW 25th anniversary 10 years ago, and at that time, journalist could ask to make a choice of picture at WDW photo library. This was before the "digital" age, as now they simply provide press photo cd. Anyway, so, i went there, and, because i always loved artwork, i asked for , um, quite a few of them. I didn't came back to France with the slides - which, by the way, are never the "original" slides but good copy made from the original . The reason was mainly because of my artwork choice - the photo library had to ask WDW Imagineering dept the okay to release them. Finally, one month or so later, i received all the slides i asked! Recently, i found them back and i thought that Epcot 25th celebration would be the right time to do articles with them. I'm pretty sure you willagree with me!

All Artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises

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