Friday, July 10, 2009

EPCOT 25TH ANNIVERSARY - a special celebration - The Living Seas Original Artwork

In tribute to Epcot 25th celebration, here is the part two of a series of articles about the original artwork.
In this part two we will have a closer look to the original renderings for Epcot Living Seas pavillion, the very first version, not the one with Nemo.

As you will see, the artwork is beautiful. I don't know the name of the WDI artist who did this artwork, but most of them looks really like the Tim Delaney style. If anyone knows the name of the artist who did this artwork, thanks to let me know!

Also, i will try to present the renderings in the "chronological order" of the scenes, but i may do some mistake, so, sorry if it's the case! As always, click on each picture to see them in big size.

Okay, there is 27 different renderings for the living seas, and here we go!

The first one above show the whole pavillion

And the next one show the entrance

Here is a first concept for the attraction which looks great!

And here is another one preliminary concept , just as great!

This is the artwork for the preshow queue decor

And for some pre-show decor painting

This one show the inside of the famous "Hydrolator"

Here is a great one showing the sea cabs

This scene show the guests riding in the sea cabs

Guests are now unloading the sea cabs

...And arrive to Sea Base Alpha !

Here is a view from "outside" . I don't think the divers ever dress as futuristic as they look here - not to mention the submarine vehicle...

Here is another version of that scene

And a close shot on the diver

Let's come back in Sea Base Alpha

...and his hydrolators well as the divers show

This one show the Pacific coastal ecosystem area

And this one the robot Jason

Here is one involving sharks

This is the artwotk for the "scuba tube" scene

And a close shot on the "diver"

Here is a different version for that scene

It seems that a "show" was envisioned with king Neptune

A close shot on Neptune's face

Let's not forget the great coral reef restaurant

And the final one will take you in the VIP lounge!

More Epcot original artwork coming soon in the next article!

All artwork: copyright Disney Enterprises

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  1. The Living Seas was originally conceived to be a much more elaborate show than what was presented on it's opening day. There was to be an entire theater show, before boarding the ride, where Poseidon (who I think was going to be a large Audio Animatronics figure) talked about man's relationship with the seas. There were going to be some very imaginative depictions of mythological sea creatures showing how man sometimes feared the seas but also Poseidon's message would focus on how man and the earth are dependent on the oceans for life. Again, not sure, but I think it was to be a carousel type theater (a la Carousel of Progress) and as the theater rotated the sea became stormy and rough. Poseidon would tame the seas and invite us to part the "waves of knowledge" and enter a new era where man had harnessed the sea in a harmonious way...or something of that sort. You were then to board a bubble type vehicle that took you on an under sea journey through a food chain, where a large fish would almost make you part of the cycle. You would then approach Sea Base Alpha, I guess much as it is today. I remember reading about this as a kid and thought it sounded like the greatest attraction ever! Imagine how disappointed I was to finally visit the Living Seas, circa 1990, and find nothing but a movie and a little people mover ride before Sea Base Alpha. Then again to visit in 2009 and find it to be even less interesting with that Nemo thing they now have...and I like Nemo, but I just think he belongs in Fantasyland not in Future World. I did hear that a version of this attraction opened at Universal's Islands of Adventure Park. It featured Poseidon and the mythological elements that never made it to the Living Seas. I hear it is no longer at Islands of Adventure, but I saw a picture of the outside of the show building and it looked great...very Atlantis / Temple of Poseidon. I'm bumed I never got to see it.