Friday, July 10, 2009

Tokyo Disneyland Artwork - Part One

This week is a special Tokyo Disneyland week on Disney and more! After the first part of Tokyo Disneyland Halloween season on monday - and part two coming tomorrow, the artwork article of the week, so, is dedicated to TDL. Don't forget to double-click on each picture to enjoy them in big high-res size.

Above and below a Herb Ryman early concept design for Tokyo Disneyland surrounded an American theme park with a Japanese atmosphere.

World Bazaar concept-art: Reminiscent of Victorian exhibition architecture, a graceful canopy was created to schelter World Bazaar.

Soaring 51 meters above the plaza, Cinderella castle at Tokyo Disneyland.

Cinderella castle murals: this shimmering Tokyo Disneyland mosaic was based on the original one created for Florida's Magic Kingdom by WDI artist Dorothea Redmond.

Snow White Grotto: Tucked beneath the walls of the castle, Snow White Grotto was designed by John Hench

All Artwork: copyright WED Enterprises Inc


  1. The concept of Snow White's grotto is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo awesome!!! I wish they would build something similar in Disneyland Paris.

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  3. About 30 years ago a friend of mine, who was a career Disney back-ground painter and has since died, gave me this. At the top is printed "The Disney Gallery" and at the bottom center "Tokyo Disneyland", bottom right "Snow White Grotto John Hench c.1960 Watercolor and Ink on Brownline.", and handwritten at the bottom left is "Snow White Grotto Or Wishing Pool With Echo Falls" and signed "John Hench 94" Excellent condition. Framed & UV Filter Glass. It is valuable to me because of the sentimental aspect and I like it - any idea of what the approximate market value might be ?